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Shredding The Streets Of DC since 2016

Founded in early 2016, DCESK8 is a community of over 700 for PEV (Personal Electric Vehicles) owners, enthusiasts, and advocates to come together and enjoy the freedom of riding through the beautiful streets of Washington D.C.  Our mission is simple: to create awareness and spread knowledge for pedestrian and PEV user safety in cities across America. Pedestrian fatalities continue to rise. Our goal is to continue growing community outreach through events, strategic partnerships and membership which will help reduce and ultimately eliminate fatalities. To contact us, email

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I have found a community where I get to hang out with like minded people and we ride all day and all night on the great streets of Washington, DC. Thanks!

Erwin Simbolan

Providing an experience that riders love, day after day after day. It is not a big secret. DC is the best place to Shred.